Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Walk around my suburb

These are the things I see and often walk past everyday without stopping appreciate it. That is one thing I realise when taking photographs, you get to see the beauty out of ordinary mundane things.

With the sudden realisation that I have not done any macro shots, I tried all sorts of macro techniques that I can perform with our current equipment. I tried to invert my 50mm f1.8 lens and the results were NOT like those beautiful ones i saw on flickr. Below are two photos taken with my 50mm lens inverted, held by my hands against the body of the slr:

a speck of dust on the microfibre cloth

my goldfish

Inverting the lens to the body, and holding it by hand was fun and interesting. However, i will only do this again when i have painfully nothing to do and i have lots of time to kill. After this frustrating exercise, I ordered the Kenko Extension Tube on ebay and I am waiting for its arrival now!!!

More Macro later that day- taken when I brought the dogs for a walk. Used the 24-105mm f4-22 lens and pushed its macro capabilities to its limits. Not meant to be for macro, but acceptable at this stage till my extension tubes arrive! I'm more comfortable with taking landscape shots so I will not invest too much on macro lens at the moment.

This is one of my favourite shot of all time. I love how the colour of the yellow leaf stands out of the surrounding


  1. Nice...especially 3rd,last 2 and the last one.The 3rd pict,I like the bokeh and also the flower looks like caterpillar.The 9th pict,I like the yellow leaf that stand out among those barks and very solid.N the last pict, I like the combination purple and green and the blur blackground.N one more thing,the 7th pict,it shows that cotton bigger than the owner,hehehe...
    Btw, when will u get the 300mm?hehehe...
    Please keep update your blog...Thanks and well done.

  2. who is this? are u the 300mm owner? haha you want to buy for me or mark as present the 300mm? we not so rich
    give me your photos so i can put on the bloggggg

  3. i like the photo that is 5th frm the bottom!
    with the sunlight peeking out from the leaves!! its very nicee~~

    and u have such nice bokeh
    and ur backgroud of shots is so silky and creamyyyyyyyyyy~~