Sunday, February 28, 2010

Melbourne Part II

Taken with Canon 50mm, f1.8 lens.

Swanston St, Carlton

The trams which operate along the usual vehicles we see on the road never fail to amaze me.

St Kilda's

Neat tram tracks on the road.

Nice style

Beautiful St Kilda's Beach

Sashimi at Nobu

Outside Crown's casino

Most essential form of transport in Melbourne city

Big bite of red velvet cupcake

Coffee at Fitzroy


  1. nice pics! i especially like the last two pics!

  2. ty! the last pic was accidental, because s doesnt know how to focus. but it turned out quite nice :)

  3. i realllly love melbourne!!!
    its so beautiful right??????

    i wanna go melbourne for a holiday again!!!

  4. melbourne is really DAMN BEAUTIFU LAH! i wanna move there or something if possible. hahaha